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Long-Handled Spoon

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Long-Handled Spoon

Let this spoon save you from the pain of letting that last bite of your favorite dehydrated meal go to waste because you couldn’t quite reach the corners of the bag. This spoon measures 9.9 inches long, 2 inches wide, and weighs just 1 ounce. The silicone tip is ideal for scraping the corners of the Backpackers Pantry bag and holds a perfectly portioned one tablespoon bite. With this Backpackers Pantry Essential Long Handled Spoon, you’ll have a perfectly stirred meal every time without sticking your hands all the way into the bag and making a mess. It’s made by a name you can trust, GSI, so you know that your new spoon will pack light, stand up to the elements, and become your favorite eating utensil.

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If there’s one thing anyone who spends time in the backcountry knows, it’s that a spoon is a precious utensil. Eating is a priority and the tool you use to facilitate that is essential. Backpacker’s Pantry already makes gourmet meals a breeze, so we found the perfect spoon to accompany them. The Long-Handled Spoon does a lot of things right that you might not have even considered before in a camping and backpacking spoon. But after trying this spoon, you won’t be able to live without it. The long handle makes it easy to stir in boiling water to your favorite Backpacker’s Pantry meal. And you will reach every corner of that bag to make sure you get all the spices and ingredients that might be hiding in the folds. Instead of sticking your whole hand into the bag to get that last bite out of the bottom, you can scrape those corners with the silicone tip and make sure you get every last morsel and keep your hands/gloves/mittens clean and dry. The perfect tablespoon portioned bites will make sure you get a hearty helping with every scoop and it only weighs one ounce, so it won’t throw off your delicate base weight.

Contains Nylon and Silicone (May affect people with latex allergies)
Shipping in the U.S.: After processing allow 1-5 days for UPS GROUND depending on your location; 1-5 days for U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. See for more info.
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