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Originally from Germany, Sunny grew up a book-loving couch potato. She spent her teens and early twenties as an academically-inclined and mostly physically inactive city girl. Outdoor adventure was always something she loved reading about - but something that other people did, not her. Yet when the chance presented itself during her sophomore year of college, Sunny went backpacking for the first time and was hooked. Over the next several years she gradually, stubbornly, transformed into an outdoor woman.

Once out of school Sunny spent several years chasing adventure as a passionate weekend warrior - first as a finance professional and later as a strategy consultant. Every Friday, Sunny would head out into the mountains or desert to climb, run, ski or hike that next big mountain but soon realized that the lifestyle was both exhausting and expensive to sustain; so she decided to make a change.

At the end of 2015 Sunny quit her business job, gave up her apartment and moved into a 2002 Chevy Astro Van to run, climb, and play in the outdoors wherever the road might take her. Since quitting her job Sunny competed in the USA Track and Field 100km trail ultramarathon championships, soloed an 800ft big wall in Zion, completed an unsupported 8 day standup paddle board trip on Lake Powell, and set a new women’s speed record on Aconcagua. But mostly she just enjoys waking up with the sun, making a big cup of joe and dreaming up new adventures! She’s now making a living as a professional adventure photographer, expedition guide and sponsored athlete.

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Pad Thai (2 Servings)
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