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At my high school, there was a requirement to take at least one art credit to graduate. I had grown up convinced that I was not good at art, and that I hated it because of that, so I just took Photo 1 because I thought it would be the easiest route out. This ended up snowballing into me taking photo classes every year for the rest of high school, spending most of my days buried in the dark room, developing film. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this passion, but when I came to Colorado for school, I found that it was more than just an outlet. The adventures I was experiencing and people that I met were all stories that captivated me. I realized that I didn’t care about art if it didn’t connect me to people and their stories. I realized that storytelling can change lives if it’s done well. Along the way, I had to leave behind the insecurity that I wasn’t and couldn’t be an artist. I came to the realization that to make art, or to tell a story, requires vulnerability always. There is no such thing as the perfect picture, poem, story, sketch, design, song etc. And people will always notice the things that aren’t perfect in your work first. At a certain point I had to be ok with that. To put this in cliche terms - the journey is more important than the destination. And that is why I use art as an excuse to take me to places I’ve never been before. To mountains I never thought I could climb, countries I never thought I’d see, people I never thought I could have a connection with. I have found that my adventures are as much internal as they are external, that each new experience takes me to a place inside myself I’ve never been. The wilderness will always be my home. It’s where my favorite connections happen, where I truly experience my personality in its fullness. I intend to find ways to serve people through my adventures, whether that is through storytelling over a long period of time, or just lending a hand for a minute.

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