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I’m Joey, an avid adventurer, photographer, and filmmaker. I was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee and currently live in Savannah, GA. Growing up in Chattanooga I was lucky enough to witness a city completely turn itself around by a booming outdoor industry. Before I knew it my friends and I were escaping to mountains of the Appalachians and the rivers of the Tennessee Valley. This was where it all started for me. We were tearing up single track, slicing paddles through the glassy rivers, and scaling the brittle sandstone on the Cumberland Plateau. Adventure soon became the biggest part of me, especially when I joined the Military in 2010. Being an Army Ranger took me all over the United States and across the world many times. All of the different landscapes inspired me to pick up photography so I could document my travels and inspire others to get outside and enjoy the wonderful places we have. My passion for photography and filmmaking continued to grow along with adventure sports. I soon became entangled in a life where I have to balance documenting outdoor athletes and being an outdoor athlete. It's a balance I’m still trying to find. As for now, you can find me paddling around the barrier islands on the Georgia Coast.

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