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Tennessee Native, now making stay in Colorado, I’m a normal man who finds excuses to take part in extraordinary things. I wouldn’t say my life is too distinctly different from everyone else although some tend to think so. My take on it all is that I see adventure where many others see normality. It just so happens that a few of these grand occurrences happen outside, typically in high places, and often in the snow with a board under my feet. And really any time when there is a board under my feet, whether on powder, surfing a wave, towing behind a boat, or on gliding down pavement, I’m more than content. I guide backpacking in the summers because I love the visceral adventure with others and how it points us back to the more subtle adventures that manifest everywhere in our lives, relationships, and individual stories. Each tree climbed over, boulder scrambled on, stream crossed, and sunrise captured is just another excuse to turn inward to find the adventures we were made for. I’m not that great with a camera so I do my best to use words to help give voice to these stories that we experience and discover in the outdoors and in everyday life. And hopefully these stories bring others together in a greater story that we participate in with one another. That’s the aim at least. Oh, and my ideal first date is going to target with her and buying a lego set which we then build together.

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Pad Thai
Pad Thai

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