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I was meant to be an explorer. My grandmother found out about this when she looked up my horoscope just before I was born. Oddly enough, signs of an adventurer started to surface when I was a child. My parents always told me I couldn’t keep myself calm and was always on the move. They weren’t huge outdoors fans, but one time took me out to camping in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Sleeping in a small tent, catching fish from a stream, cooking it in a fire pit, and finishing off a meal with good ol’ s’mores under the stars was exactly my thing. The love for the outdoors grew as I joined the cub scouts and went on numerous nature summer camps.

Fast forward to my teenage years and my early twenties, the sense of adventure grew drastically after I learned to drive. Small adventures were possible when I wanted to and the freedom of exploring anywhere was under my control. Petrified forests in Washington state, golden beaches and coasts lines of California and the winding slot canyons in Arizona became great stages of my adventure. I had the opportunity to become an urban adventurer during my study abroad in Spain. Seeing the different ways people live all around the world in great cities like London, Hamburg, Venice and Madrid provided me with a unique view of life and its ways.

Nowadays, I strive to bring back the travel experiences as much as I can through photography and videography. Why not have a glimpse of the crystal clear waters of Interlaken, Switzerland right in my room? It is very important for me to bring back as much as I can from these trips so I dedicate a lot of my time shooting the best landscape/picture that represents that trip. My life isn’t always filled with exciting explorations, but I am always yearning for it. It is good to have something that can take me back to those wonderful moments.

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Pad Thai

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