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Austin White

My name's Austin White and I’m an outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer, living in my converted Tacoma with my dog Chaco, based out of Bend, OR.

My family and I traveled in an RV for close to 10 years around the country and that’s where my love for photography began to grow. I’m a climber, an occasional surfer, avid hiker, highliner, beginner snowboarder, and have combined my passion for all those into my photography career. I strive to share my passion for the outdoors through inspiring photos and videos that will hopefully give this generation and many to come the inspiration to explore their own backyard.

Living out of the truck allows you to have your life be a constant adventure, and that's why I choose this life. I spend my time traveling around the Pacific Northwest, chasing light, snow, sun, surf, hikes, mountains, and rocks, shooting photos and video along the way. My adventure resume keeps expanding and has no end in sight.

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