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Outback Oven Ultralight

SKU: 167000
The best oven for the weight-conscious traveler! The Outback Oven Ultralight set includes an 8" Pot Parka, Riser Bar, Scorch Buster, Reflector Collar, Ultralight Thermometer, Backcountry Baking Booklet, and a Mesh Carrying Sack.

Please note: the Outback Oven Ultralight does not come with a pan or lid. It is designed to work with your own light-weight cook-set that is 8" in diameter or smaller.

Choose from our delicious Backpacker's Pantry packaged meals, like Hot Apple Cobbler, Chicken & Dumplings, or Buscuits & Gravy. Or, get creative with recipes in the Outback Oven Baking Booklet!

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    1. improved an excellent product Review by ConnieD

      I have had the Outback Oven Ultralight when it was a brand new product. Remember "chocolate brownie truffle mix"? I do.

      I like this new Outback Oven Ultralight, having the new lid to fit any cookset pan up to 8" diameter, is a welcome improvement.

      I was balancing your thermometer on a flat lid, if I could find a flat lid, without the handle in the middle.

      I will purchase this new Outback Oven Ultralight, because it is an excellent upgrade of an already excellent product.

      I can now use this system with any one of my selections of backpacking cookware. (Posted on 11/8/2014)

    2. Amazing! Favourite piece of camping kit! Review by Bicycle touring

      I took this little oven with me while riding round the USA as it was small and super light it was no bother.

      It takes a little practice, but mostly that is finding the right settings for your camp stove, having one that simmers without going out makes a big difference.

      After a few practice runs I made brownies, pizza, bread, biscuits, even a cornish pasty.

      The parka even works to make normal cooking more efficient and keeps things warmer for longer.

      BUY THIS! (Posted on 9/1/2014)

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