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Never Forget to Look Up, and Here's Why

Check out Finn Steiner's epic solo circumnavigation of Vancouver Island!

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Conservation Alliance Earth Day Promotion

22% of sales on April 22nd will be donated to the Conservation Alliance!

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Salomon's Guilt Trip Movie

Check out this awesome video trailer! They ate mostly Backpacker's Pantry for their meals while in Greenland!

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Conrad Colman sailing around the world!

Click above to see how he is doing!

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Campus Challenge

Click above for more information!

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Backpacker's Pantry Blog

Check out the Backpacker's Pantry Blog

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Chana Masala

Check out this awesome video from Backpacker Magazine!

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Celebrate 100 years with the National Parks

Find your park. What is your favorite National Park? Where have you been lately?

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Plastic Tide's Erie Canal Expedition

Get the latest update from The Plastic Tides team and watch the trailer for their Erie Canal Expedition.

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Our Friends at Hage Photo

Check out what our friends at Hage Photo have to say about some of their favorites from Backpacker's Pantry.

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